Pre-moving hexagonal modular wall vase



This hexagonal modular wall-mounted vase set is one of the products in the Teumsae vase collection created by Extraordinary Design. The Teumsae series of vases is reminiscent of humble plants that grow through the spaces between sidewalks and stone fences.

Teumsae is a Korean word for "n small gap between things". In particular, Teumsae on the wall is a pre-set of 4 units and available in 3 different color combinations. (This option is pre-set of white, light warm gray, medium warm gray, and deep warm gray room) You can create different styles and angles for a versatile arrangement of plants to decorate your wall.

PRODUCT DETAILS -Manufactured by hand in the UK -Size of each piece: 135mm(W) x 53mm(D) x 153mm(H) -Total weight: 2.5kg -One set comes with 4 vases, 4 BLITZ hard wall hooks, install instruction card and pipette (it does not come with flowers) " PRODUCT CARE " The teumsae on the wall is made of Jesmonite which is an environmentally friendly fine water based cement material.

As each object is individually molded and finished by hand, slight color variations and small surface imperfections may occur. These unique characteristics must be embraced and are all part of the molding process. To remove dirt, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Translated with (free version)

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