Cat Water Fountain, 2L Automatic Pet Water Fountain



  • LED WATER LEVEL WINDOW: 2L water capacity is ideal for pets small to Medium sized Pets. With its large volume and filtration, you can go on a trip for 3-5 days and let the cat / dog stay at home, very practical! A transparent water level window with LED light reminds you to add water in time during the day or at night. It is easy to monitor the water level but serves as a night light for at the same time, so your pets can easily drink it in the dark.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CAT TO DRINK WATER: 3 different water flow modes: Sprout waterfall, bubble fountain and gentle fountain, each mode meets the needs of various pets. The free-falling stream and bright color attract pets to drink more water, which keeps your pet healthy and strong.
  • ULTRA QUIET: The parner cat fountains is ultra quiet((measured below 40dB) and only 2W low consumption. Will not disturb the sleep of your children's or your pets. A perfect fountain for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc. Cats born active, these cat toys stimulate the most of cat's hunting instincts. A great gift set will always keep your kitten entertained!
  • KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY: The cat water fountain adopt circulating filtration system. The filter contains 2 layer high-tensity cotton and activated charcoal. Expel debris, absorb heavy metals, eliminate odors. Protect your little catti from unnecessary infections. Provide them with healthier and tastier water juice! These cat toys assist kittens bodies develop and coordination, and reduce cats anxiety. A perfect gift for your pets.
  • BUY IT WITH CONFIDENCE: This pet fountain is a funny toy for dogs and cats, also a natural bath for birds. This Cat Water Fountain comes with 5 toys as gift for your pets

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