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A series of design flowerpots Inspired by Yin and Yang, the Tao collection of design flowerpots brings calm, serenity and energy. To be placed in your garden, on a balcony, on a terrace or next to your swimming pool, the Tao planter will showcase your plants.

TAO flowerpots are made of polyethylene and are very resistant to atmospheric conditions. They are anti-UV treated and water resistant.

The flowerpots have been manufactured by rotational molding, a technique that brings hardness, reliability and lightness. As shown in the picture, the pot is only potted on one part of the pot. This space is equipped with a hole for water flow.

The base of the pot has plugs that can be removed to drain the water. It is up to you to choose the size and color of the flower pots that suit you.

Dimensions of the Tao design flower pots: Size 1 : external dimensions : Length: 64 cm Width: 37 cm Height: 36 cm. inside dimensions : Length: 23 cm Width: 11 cm Height: 11 cm.

Size 2:

Outside dimensions: Length: 56 cm Width : 38 cm Height: 60 cm. inside dimensions : Length: 29 cm Width: 13 cm Height: 23 cm.

Size 3:

Outside dimensions: Length: 110 cm Width : 43 cm Height: 90 cm. inside dimensions : Length: 46 cm Width : 26 cm Height: 30 cm.

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