Anaelle art deco is an online boutique, founded in 2018 by a dynamic couple and with a specific goal: "To surprise the customer at every visit". To do this, Judith and Jean-Guy travel the world to unearth exclusives, while keeping their hearts here. Anaelle Art Deco deals with nearly a dozen suppliers from France, Quebec, Asia, etc... from unique bookcases to designer flowerpots and furniture, you will be amazed.

Our first website was created in March 2018, three years later, thanks to its success, the store has grown and furniture has even been added to our sales directory. Today, our mission and our goal is to blow you away with inspiration every time you visit the site Anaelle art deco is always on the lookout for new and exciting trends in the market.

The team of buyers makes it a point of honor to select products with an excellent price/ratio: "Nothing is added on our site if it is not a price that we would not pay ourselves.

The company evolves day by day, visit our website to follow the new arrivals, mainly in spring and fall. Judith and Jean-Guy have surrounded themselves with passionate and inspiring people to make the Anaelle art deco boutique grow.