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Sorting has become indispensable and unavoidable. To make this task easier, the brand SOLDI DESIGN has been very inspired in developing the Ovetto sorting garbage can. It is not a simple trash can, but a design object with a very functional vocation. If sorting is a chore for you, the Ovetto waste garbage can is the obvious choice.

A single garbage can for all your waste or almost. Enough to make you want to sort! This is made possible thanks to the 3 containers of 30 liters each that allow you to have in one place the possibility to throw all your waste, whether organic, plastic or cardboard.

The plastic, in particular the bottles which are very cumbersome when they are lying on the table or on the floor next to your garbage can. You can say goodbye to all that thanks to a small revolution in terms of functionality for a trash can. In addition to being equipped with 3 waste compartments, the Ovetto sorting garbage can provides you with a real plastic bottle compactor.

Made of recycled polypropylene, it is delivered in a recyclable and bio-plastic box. Thus, by choosing Ovetto, you demonstrate a true ecological awareness and you participate, at your level, to the safeguard of the environment. If everything has been thought and designed around practicality, including the 3 tilting doors to easily extract the bags, the Ovetto sorting garbage can remains a design object with a decorative aspect.

Its ovoid shape testifies to its originality and underlines the will of the Italian designer Gianluca Soldi to make it a unique object that fits in any kitchen. Not to mention that it will not fail to have a small effect on all your guests.

Produced in Italy, this sorting garbage can highlights the social and societal investment of the brand since their product is made in workshops for social reintegration.

The red tablets on the instructions are not included in the product. It is a suggestion of presentation to facilitate the selective collection. Dimensions of the sorting garbage can AB Line SOLDI DESIGN: Height: 84cm Diameter: 45 cm Height for the doors: 47cm Diameter for the foot: 35cm

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